I eat rappers Coz im a
Mother fu** beef rapper
Teach rapper's how to rap
After that you can sleep rappers

Eat rapper coz m'a
Mother f***er beef rapper
Teach rapper how to rap
After that u can sleep rapper's

They gona be calling me copy
of Eminem that's ok
They gonna be saying'ma
accent is weak
Bitch that's ok
They gonna keep hating
But waitting for a my track
Thats ok

But im a mother fuck**g rapper
Bitch i am not okh
So stop telling me do this do that
I don't know you who are you?
go there So you you
Everybody mother **cker prove this now

Im representing india no one
is doing it right now
Doing this for country
Still' they wanna
Fight let's fight now
Representing india bit**
Im straight-outta hill

Antophill-2 Give me
the beat im gonna kill
M gonna kill im gonna chill
M gonna do what i just feel
You people busy complainin
I'm paying expensive bill

If you think that i'm stupid
Bit** better go and check your skill
All these druggies saying the are
rappers go and pop ua pills


Let me take my flow fast
Right now im doing slow fast so that
I can't take long breath pick it up
M gonna throw that

Live started walking a head for me
there is a no back
Its time to change the flow
You can't do it it is so bad
These rappers busy choosing
their topics im writting comics

I think you people having a fever
Go got get a tonic
My fans' got all my symtoms
Emiway disease is chronic
Yeah im a eminem fan

I'm going super sonic
Some are gonna get the money
Some are gonna write song
Bitch money lamborghini
If uh gona keeping waiting for u'a time

Teri maaka saki naka
Jo bhi tere piche bagha
Usse maine bola rukne ko
Khuda ke elava
Tere ko kon bola kisi ke
Saahmne jhukne ko

Likhne ke elava tera
bhai bahut kuch kehta hai
Sehta hai jo isse itna kuj
koi kehta hai
Sa re ga ma pa ni sa
Biwi banegi to rakhuga
rani ke tarah

Haad kari paar zindagi ko wo
Kam kari baat dil se bolunga
Dhat teri ma lekin gaali nhi deta
Mere gaane main

Sunn meri baat tujhe
bhool chuka hu mein
Sunn meri baat tuhje
mil chukka hu main
Sunn meri baat
nhi karna hai yaad
Nhi bolna kuch tere baare mein

Han sab ko yeah high bahut hai
Parhne ko parhayi bahut hai
Dene waale raaye bhot hai
lekin mere bhai bhot hai
Khanyi mein safaayi bahut hai
Zindagi ki sidiuo ko chadahi main
chadahi bahut hai kya hai {X2}

Now representing inda
Bit** im straight-outta hill
Representing inda
Bit** im straight-outta hill

Mumbai 40003737
Kya Emiway Bantai
Maluum hai na peace

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